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Psiphon is a world famous open source application which allows anybody to access the websites which are blocked or restricted. People from more than 200 countries around the world are connecting to this kind of sites and services using Psiphon handler which can be said as one of the most useful tools to get unlimited secured vpn services for free. If you are not able to access your favorite websites like torrents then this app might be the quickest solution. If you are not sure about your privacy online while browsing the internet then Psiphon handler 82 can help you to access the internet without any doubts over security. This application also allows users to browse directly from their inbuilt browser; it can add pages to favorites, set homepages and much more, in short, we can do anything that we could do with any normal browser.

psiphon handler
As we have given top notch information about psiphon for pc running on windows 7,8 and 10. Although this version of ultimate vpn service we are bound to use it on android devices only. So, if you are interested how to download psiphon handler 113 and use this extra security layered application then continue reading this article.
You might want to read about how to download psiphon apk and use it. My Recommendation would be to hit that article and make sure you are familiar with its encryption protocols and other services which you can enjoy without any illegal methods.

Why only Psiphon handler? (113 and 82)

There are some unique features of Psiphon app which are as follows:
• Psiphon will automatically connect to the faster browser available. Our robust global network provides fast network access with low latency and no bandwidth restrictions.
• Support all android os version.
• Easily download and install.
• Connect to via HTTP proxy.
• If it connected to the network once, after rarely find any problem
In connection.
• No registration or configuration required.
• Threaten internet to any other device if appropriately configured.
• You will get highest browsing speed if configured correctly.
There is a different version of Psiphon application. First, we are here talking about the special features of Psiphon 82 & Psiphon 113.

Why Psiphon 82? What are the special features of this version?

• Global network introducing thousands of servers, keep you connected at all times.
• No registration required, download and connect for free.
• A broader selection of protocols than a VPN, you can access to everything on the internet through Global Psiphon server network.
• You can choose those apps which are excluded from the VPN tunnel.
• This application is an open-source, peer-reviewed and trustworthy application.

Why Psiphon 113 apk? What are the distinctive features of this version?

• Use free for personal use.
• Easily download and install.
• No need for registration, subscription, or configuration required.
• Automatic selection of protocols which is effective.
• You can view how much traffic you used within the application.

How to download and install Psiphon handler apk?

All the version of this application is available on app play store. In case you are not able to find then go through the following links

To download Psiphon pro lite handler go to the following link:
To download psiphon100 handler UI go to the following link:
To download Psiphon 113 handler go to the following link:
To download Psiphon 82 go to the following link:

If you are using play store then directly install and start.
If you are using chip time, then remember the Psiphon already configured for the operator.
For further instructions follow the steps given below

How to use Handler?

  1. Copy one of the hosts below under “proxy server,” according to your service provider.
  2. Then select “start.”
  3. After starting, click on “whole tunnel device.”
  4. Next, click “I trust this application,” and select “ok.”
  5. Now your application will connect to the server
  6. Now enjoy the unlimited internet with high speed for free!

Note: if this method does not work then numerous ways are available on google. Try them, too.
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Now enjoy with Psiphon!


Updated: February 11, 2018 — 6:02 pm


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  1. After installing psiphon 3 on my device, it really slowed my internet connection and it gets disconnect whenever i try to surf.Even the other installed apps are not working properly.please solve the problem asap.

    1. Oh; looks like the main purpose of your comment was to get a backlink to your site on Psiphon. I guess you already know the solution 🙂

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