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Psiphon is a non-paid and open-source online anonymity tool. It can be used to gain access in restrictive countries to browse the Internet openly. In this article, we’ll be sharing psiphon 3 apk. This app uses a mixed technology of VPN and SSH services to provide awesome service.

Psiphon 3


You might have encountered the most common error that “this website cannot be accessed in your location or it is banned by your ISP.” Yes, we all have confronted this issue while browsing the internet. Now, you can blame your ISP for this problem or your location. However, if you want to access all those websites which you are not able to browse currently then you can download a Psiphon pro VPN app . Most of us have used VPN apps and are familiar with it. There are many VPN apps for Android and PC or laptop which you can use to browse the internet anonymously without any restrictions. However, if you don’t know which you should trust and download for your device?. Do not worry! This article will guide you through the procedure and all that you should be knowing.

This article will drive you through the best features of Psiphon app and will help you to download Psiphon apk for Android and other devices. If you want to know how you can configure it then continue reading this article and fall down to the next part.

Psiphon app Review: How Does Psiphon 3 works?

Earlier it was only available as an Android app. However, with the time, it became popular among the Android users and It was searched to download Psiphon for pc. At that time, it was only accessible via Bluestacks or any other Android emulator which provides full control over Android OS. However, it’s officially available now for Windows and iOS platforms.

Psiphon Vpn review:

By the first install, Psiphon practices the use of SSH for the best user environment possible. This allows it to provide a secure connection to its servers and thus helps the user to leave no footprints behind. However, almost all cyber security organisations are known to use several tools to decrypt SSH sessions and gain access to read the content browsed through the SSH session.  For VPN sessions, it uses the L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol. This protocol is known to have some theoretical issues, ignoring them largely helps us to understand that it is almost as secure as hiding the truth about your girlfriend from your parents.

As of now, there are no details regarding which cipher or key length is used by Psiphon to process and secure data on a VPN connection.

Psiphon For windows version:

Talking about the psiphon for windows version, it provides SHA1 cryptographic hashes. However, comparing this form of data integrity to PGP digital signatures, it comes out that it is relatively weak. It automatically change your Windows Domain Name System (DNS) settings to point to a whitelist of vetted DNS servers. This should ensure that you do not suffer a DNS leak while using Psiphon 3 app.

The official website itself says, “Psiphon is designed to provide you with open access to online content. It does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.”

Now, this should make you confident and pretty much clear what you should use to access blocked websites.

How to  download Psiphon For Android

To install Psiphon apk in your android device, Click on the button provided below. Now, simply go to the downloads folder and click on the downloaded apk file to start installing the Psiphon app. If you haven’t enabled permission to install from outside sources then make sure you have enabled it. Wait for a while and the process will be completed in few minutes

Download Psiphon apk

Downloading the apk file is not the only way to download Psiphon app on android. You can also roll on to Google play store and download from there.

The android version of the app uses SSH only to ensure your anonymity and it will automatically select servers for you which makes sure that you browse via the most secure server. It will normally just proxy your browser, but with Android 4.0+ it is possible to proxy the whole device. In this mode, This application acts very much like a full VPN.

Psiphon Pro for free download

There is another app, known as Psiphon pro. The Pro version gives extra features like it gives you the option to proxy your entire device or only the custom browser that comes bundled with the app. And, it also lets you disable the ads and your bandwidth increases. The “maximum speed” plan upgrades your speed limit from 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps. Here is a video related to Psiphon pro, which will give you a slight idea about the application. You can get psiphon pro from Google play by following the link provided, we do not recommend you to get a cracked/ad free apk for psiphon pro for the two reasons:

  1. You should be loyal to the developer and use the ad-enabled version to support him.
  2. The apk may or may not contain malicious files, as it is being downloaded from an unknown third party source.

Make sure you are connected to the fastest Country to get immeasurable speed. You can get high speed on other servers too. However, it won’t be that great as to the fastest server. Though, this depends on your needs if you want high speed or not. Just ensure that you are not connected to a distant server as it will cause issues while using Psiphon 3 for pc.

Download Psiphon for Iphone (iOS)

Psiphon has lots of downloaders on iOS platform. Initially developed for Windows and Android the iOS version of Psiphon works best to provide users unrestricted access to internet. Market is booming with Psiphon like apps but nothing can beat the Psiphon’s ease of use and functional excellence.

  • Download the Psiphon client from the website
  • Psiphon is a Zero cost App to download on the iOS, android, windows devices.
  • It helps you browse any restricted website by using the Psiphon tool.
  • Access all the websites using the tool over internet even in the restricted countries.
  • Psiphon has been developed on the core functionalities of SSH, VPN, and HTTP proxy technologies.

Latest Psiphon App for iOS

The new browser app that integrates seamlessly to the Psiphon network and securely connects you to the websites that are restricted in your country. Psiphon Browser App connects you to any website irrespective of the country you are in. The App is secure and masks your IP so that you are not traced back. Even if you are on an insecure Wi-Fi network, Psiphon will add security to the browsing.


Psiphon 3 Pro Alternatives (Free/Paid)

As we all know Psiphon is committed to provide the best browsing services it also ensures to look out for what it’s competitors are using. However, there are certain applications available around the globe to out compete the Psiphon app. Most of those are bundled with tons of features which Psiphon doesn’t provide. This mighty app is top notch to provide hazel less encrypted browsing but it does contains some loose ends. If you want to cover all those loose ends then you are probably going to love the top Alternatives to Psiphon.

Below are apps similar to Psiphon which you should use if you have installed Psiphon on your device.

Super VPN

SuperVPN is a free vpn client app which can allow anyone to connect with a virtual private network which provides different IP addresses to be able to browse web without any governmental issues due to your geographical locations. If you want to know what other features  it provides which makes it different from Psiphon then read our post on SuperVPN too.

Betternet VPN

Betternet is an unlimited free VPN with no catches! Also one of the best things is that it doesn’t require any registration. Although the free version shows advertisements and paid version doesn’t. We’ll be writing a full fledged guide on this too, so stay tuned!

Nord VPN

As most of us know that there is new tech emerging everyday to keep up with the hunger of satisfaction and wanting more. So, in that kind of scenario, even VPN industry is getting competitive. Every other day, there is something in VPN market which you can install and the best part is, most of them are cross platform. So, with that it makes it more difficult to look for an reliable trust, as Psiphon VPN is one of the most advanced and secure Open-Source browsing encryption technology, it gives out pretty much for the users to explore. And since there is a saying, “exceptions are always there.” It implies here too, There are certain Commercial VPN applications which are as good as Psiphon can be on on any platform.

And, one of the most trusted VPN providers that have emerged as a reliable solution for all your browsing needs is NordVPN which provides affordable plans and high speed servers have won the hearts of users worldwide. NordVPN unrestricted Access and High speed servers at low cost allows to compete with Psiphon VPN. And since, its also a cross platform application, you can use it on almost every kind of system. So, like Psiphon runs on PC/Android/iOS/ Linux, Nord VPN can do that too!


If you faced in any issues while downloading this application, you may comment below and we’ll be glad to help you out. Thank you!

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